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Crystal Huynh

Crystal Huynh has been serving her community for the past 17 years as a certified radiology technician. Her experience in the local hospitals as an official leader and manager has benefited her community through her continuous efforts to provide quality healthcare to those in need. She has also dedicated her time and knowledge to mentoring local foster children with special needs. Her commitment to the community for the past 22 years has involved countless hours of developing local foster youths in fields such as education, personal growth, and leadership. Her efforts have made difference in local churches and various youth programs, whose goal is the successful development of our posterity and our future. Crystal believes a youth’s adolescent development does not conclude at 18 years of age. This development must be continuous if these youths are to be shaped into tomorrow’s leaders and difference-makers.    By connecting our youth to available resources and programs, she builds relationships and supports systems for our youth. Crystal will help guide the focus for our young adults and work to empower them with the knowledge and life skills needed to live independently and confidently.

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