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Our programs are created to focus on the specific needs of youth in the foster care or justice systems. These individualized educational programs will provide a pathway to greater opportunities and resources.  We have gathered evidence based programs via the Ann E. Casey Foundation, Children's Data Network and PAYA.


Many youth in foster care or justice system lack their high school diploma, which is a real barrier to employment. We focus on young people earning a high school equivalency certificate-GED & High School Diploma.


Provide paid jobs, skills training, education and individualized support so that young adults can get ready for work and life.  We combine Youth Apprenticeships as well as a more focus training program for youth within the justice system.


Our program incorporate the values, ideals, and preferences of our youth into the design of their services and the ways in which participants experience the program. This not only empowers youth and their families, it honors them as partners in this work. A young person who has a say in the purpose and activities of their mentoring relationship is more likely to be engaged and reach their goals, a family whose experiences and opinions are respected is more likely to support the work of the mentor, and programs that embraces the individuals they serve as equal partners rather than passive recipients are more likely to have a strong impact.



Every youth endures a different level of personal grief and trauma with the loss caused by the separation from their family. We provide services designed to meet the mental health needs our youth involved with foster care and juvenile probation.

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