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Picture of Freddie Guerrero

Freddie M. Guerrero

Freddie M. Guerrero is the CEO of Mariposa Alliance. He has worked over 40 years with the State of California and is also a Los Angeles County Reserve Deputy Probation Officer in the Gang Unit for 13 years.

As an at-promise youngster to foster-child, Freddie M. Guerrero was that child who was nurtured and mentored with positive life skills that allowed him to grow and successfully transform his life. This transition was possible due to the many people who not only provided services but also gave of themselves. He has been working with at-promise youth in juvenile hall and throughout Los Angeles County. He knows and understands at-promise youth because he was one as well. After many years of thinking of how to give back to the community, more importantly focused on underserved youth, Mariposa Alliance was created.

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