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Picture of Director

Viridiana Fletes Frias

As a lifelong environmentalist, I have been drawn to roles that further my ability to serve in a way that benefits communities and their environments.  From my non-profit work to my volunteerism and now full-time work, I have always strived to contribute to healthy communities. In looking to fulfill this desire, I found my little niche in the world in horticulture.  I am one of the lucky ones that found their calling early in life and now I can say that I do not work, I mostly play and not only do I nurture my soul, but I also contribute to the magic in the world by caring for the most important creatures this planet hosts: plants! At the core, I love what I do and as I learn more about the creatures that surround me, I fall deeper in love with the field and all of the wonderful possibilities nature offers to heal the planet, connect communities and re-awaken the dormant human psyche. Among nature, I feel alive, grateful, awake. I am so lucky to have found my niche in the world in horticulture and my hope is that my role in Mariposa Alliance can help others in their quest for their specific calling.   Young hearts and minds will have the support they need to explore fields and gain skills to propel them into each chapter of their lives.

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