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Nhat Huynh

Nhat Huynh is a Sergeant with a local law enforcement organization. In this role, Nhat coordinates, manages, and leads teams that provide law enforcement services in the form of community engagement, which also includes outreach programs modeled after evidence base practices.  His varied background in law enforcement, organizational leadership/innovation, and ministry has provided a valuable foundation for Mariposa Alliance programs creating positive changes for At-Risk youth.

Nhat is no stranger to organizational leadership and innovation, having spent 17 years as a patrol officer, field-training officer, police explorer advisor, detective, and patrol sergeant. He has been involved in the training and development of new patrol officers, investigated intricate felony cases, mentored local youths through the police explorer program, and has supervised numerous divisions within this organization.

Prior to his law enforcement career, Nhat obtained his B.A. from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2003. During his career, he has worked diligently to complete his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Southern California. This Master’s program specialized in organizational leadership/innovation within law enforcement and policy reform by utilizing evidence base practices to achieve full implementation. This implementation includes the development of new community engagement and outreach programs.

Nhat currently serves as a board member for the San Gabriel Valley Medical Center due to his specialization in the development of such community engagement and outreach programs. He has also created in person programs to educate local communities regarding policies and procedures for police departments and he currently has holds a relationship with Channel 25 in which he continues his community engagement goals. 

Nhat engages with local communities and its youths to target issues such as mental health illness, education, and family counseling. These programs are available to anyone who desires assistance in these fields with no fees assessed to the community. 

Nhat’s varied background in law enforcement, organizational leadership/innovation, and ministry has provided the perfect foundation for any program involving the development of today’s youths.


To contact Nhat, please send him an email!

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