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Picture of Danielle G

Danielle Guerrero

Meet Danielle, she has been in the clinical field for nearly 10 years but has been volunteering for multiple causes since she was 13 years old. Danielle started working with children with delayed development in 2015 and has since become a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. While in graduate school Danielle interned with Orange County Dept of Education, helping at risk youth find their strengths and abilities to overcome difficult life situations. Danielle continued her work with this population by providing Wraparound services to at risk youth and their families. Danielle has since become a Clinical Supervisor and helps other Associate Therapists help families in need. Danielle also maintains a private practice as a Family Therapist. Danielle finds most joy in helping families in need connect and build stronger relationships and watching others turn their trials into triumphs. 

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